A core component of our partnering strategy is to license pipeline product candidates and then further characterize, in concert with our core development strategies, through grants and collaborations with expert researchers and academic centers of excellence.

Yale University

In August 2016, Cerecor announced that Dr. Sherry McKee from Yale University had enrolled the first subject in the Phase 2 clinical trial for CERC-501, “Does CERC-501 Attenuate Stress-Related Smoking Lapse?” The study is a collaborative effort between Cerecor and Dr. McKee, and is supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

University of Houston and PASA

In July 2016, Cerecor announced that the Pharmacotherapies for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders (PASA) Consortium had provided a grant to Dr. Colin Haile (Principal Investigator, University of Houston), Dr. Therese Kosten (Co-Investigator, University of Houston) and Dr. Ronald Marcus (Co-Investigator, Cerecor) to assess the efficacy of CERC-501 to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-induced alcohol use disorder (AUD) in animal models. This study is a collaborative effort between Cerecor and Drs. Haile and Kosten, who are both established experts in behavioral neuroscience, and will be conducted at the University of Houston.

Duke University and NIMH

In 2015, in connection with our in license of CERC 501, a study entitled: A Phase 2 Study to Evaluate the Kappa Opioid Receptor As a Target for the treatment of Mood and Anxiety Spectrum Disorders by Evaluation of Whether LY2456302 Engages Key Neural Circuitry Related to the Hedonic Response was initiated. This 6 site clinical study, funded by a grant from the NIMH, is being conducted under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Krystal of Duke University Medical Center serving as the principal investigator.

Rockefeller University

In 2014, in connection with our in-license of CERC-501, a study entitled: Impact of the KOPr Antagonist OpRA Kappa in Persons at Specific Stages of Cocaine Addiction Trajectory, Versus Normal Volunteers was initiated. This single site trial is being conducted under the leadership of Mary Jeanne Kreek, MD, Professor and Head of Laboratory, The Rockefeller University, and Senior Physician, The Rockefeller University Hospital, and is funded by a private foundation.

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